About Us


ThinkSpace is an accessible, easy to learn 90-minute program, which puts you in control of your life.
In a time where many are turning to traditional and alternative therapies to help resolve personal issues and problems, it can be daunting trying to find the right option. It can also be a costly exercise, which can for some be prohibitive, particularly if repeat visits are required. ThinkSpace once learned can be applied time and time again, for a one-off cost. It is a therapy that speaks for itself; and has shown its efficacy in thousands of clients around the world.

ThinkSpace is a program designed in such a way that you can work at your own pace, in an environment of your choice and is truly transformational. It provides a unique learning experience, activating the deepest human capacities to create a new way forward, and new ways of thinking which ultimately lead to fulfilment in your thought patterns, giving you the life, you want both individually, and collectively.

ThinkSpace is designed as an online experience, allowing you the flexibility to learn the program whenever and wherever is convenient for you in your busy life.


Our intention at ThinkSpace is to offer tools to help people looking for a quick and easy solution to effect positive change in their lives, and to enhance their general wellbeing, without the ongoing associated costs.

Keeping it simple and true to the science and research that supports it, means that at ThinkSpace we can confidently offer tools to you that are both an effective and practical option to help change a vast array of negative thought patterns that may impact adversely on your wellbeing in both the short and long term.

By combining information in new ways, we have created a unique system that is at the cutting edge of scientific breakthroughs, which are currently being recognized in the field of brain plasticity, or neuroplasticity, which is the basis of much of what we offer. By acknowledging the neural pathways’ role in our negative behaviour and thinking habits, we have learned that we can change these patterns to adapt to a more positive outcome.

Our ongoing objective is to provide a cost-effective resource that will enable you to work at your own pace and create the freedom and future life you would like.

About Us

Sarah Skinner and Lara Leon have bought ThinkSpace together with over 20 years’ experience in the field of mind therapies, and research of brain function and behavioral patterns.

Sarah and Lara work to help people to manage their anxieties in life. All of us have times in our lives where we feel fed up, stressed, anxious, bereaved or just plain disappointed. Many of us seek therapy or coaching in traditional ways but others do not do this for many reasons – lack of time, lack of funds, embarrassment, or shame. Research shows that taking control builds on positivity – leading to dramatic change. This is what Sarah and Lara wanted to make possible. Dramatic change, easily accessible. They created ThinkSpace to help you, in the same way that it has helped them.

Lara is an Psychotherapist, NLP practitioner, TPM practitioner and a trainer in behavioral psychology. Her work in the field of behavioral patterns led her to want to find something fast, yet effective, and which could be accessed by people around the world to make positive change. She had a vision of providing a valuable tool at an affordable price. A tool that could be learned and applied to real life scenarios.

Sarah has run and managed highly organized businesses, where her skills in research provide a thorough and academic approach to processing the information required for the ThinkSpace program. Sarah has run and managed highly organized businesses, where her skills in research provide a thorough and academic approach to processing the information required for the ThinkSpace program. She has an NLP qualification and has been instrumental in carrying out case studies and in-depth feedback reports, compiling and reporting findings to substantiate the theory behind ThinkSpace.

ThinkSpace is ever growing and expanding, and more and more therapists are now joining the team to take this unique approach around the world.

“Our objective at ThinkSpace is to equip you with tools that will enable you to move past limiting behaviors, thoughts and reactions. We want to deliver this powerful tool for change,to enable you to finally take control of your life through the use of resources you never knew you had, in your own time, in your own space.” Sarah Skinner and Lara Leon. 

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