Best Ways to View Thinkspace

What is the best internet browser to watch the film?

Any modern Internet Browser that supports Adobe Flash or HTML5 should play the movie without problem – Playback has been tested on Chrome, Firefox 3.5+, Safari, and Internet Explorer 9. If you do encounter any problems watching the movie on a browser (or version of a browser) that isn’t listed here, please let us know and we will look into the issue:

What requirements do I need to watch the film?

To watch the film online you need a broadband internet connection of at least 1 Mbps. 

What do I do if the film keeps buffering?

If the film keeps buffering, pausing, or always displays in a very low quality, your internet connection may not meet the minimum requirements. A broadband internet connection of at least 1 Mbps is required to watch the movie. Please also bear in mind that the speed and quality of your internet connection can be affected by a wide variety of factors, many of which can be outside your control, or that of the ThinkSpace website. You may experience poor performance if you are using your internet connection for other activities such as downloading files, or if other members of your household are also using the connection. Games consoles with internet connectivity, some TVs, TV on demand, and other devices in your home may utilise your internet connection

If you experience buffering problems during the movie, ensure that your computer is not downloading anything at the same time (some computer programs or operating systems may automatically download updates without you realising), and that other people or devices are not intensively using the connection.