What is Thinkspace?

It’s two things – it’s your own virtual “drawing board” – a place into which you place, reorganize and manipulate all the people, things, feelings and thoughts that make up your life. You do this consciously but your unconscious mind leads you all the way – that’s why it’s so powerful, but it exists in only one place – your mind. It’s also our company name. We love the power behind the Thinkspace so much that we decided to call ourselves “Thinkspace”.

What does it do?

Through reorganization of ideas, thoughts and feelings, your Thinkspace will permanently, easily and effectively override negative patterns, fears and limiting behaviors. It is a tool that you will return to time and time again throughout your life.

Why haven’t I been successful in making changes until now?

Because once your “neural pathways” have been created, they are very hard to move away from. Think of a well-trodden path. The easiest thing in the world is to follow a path that’s been used and re-used time and again, but what if that path leads somewhere that you didn’t want to go? Make a new path, and the more you walk along it, the more this will become your preferred route. Thinkspace shows you how to create new paths without the need for lengthy and costly therapeutic sessions.

Why do I need to make new pathways?

The coping strategies and behavior patterns you had when you were younger might well have been effective in dealing with the immediate dangers and threats you encountered at that time. The trouble is, as you mature, generally these patterns become less and less helpful at the same time as the paths become more and more well-trodden. Your strategies no longer help you as much as they did, or you find yourself feeling frustrated or stuck. New pathways, new ways of thinking and reacting are needed. That’s where Thinkspace comes in.

How is it valuable?

As the delivery method is the comfort of your own home, Thinkspace will be more effective on three levels:
You will connect more with the obstacles that you encounter, since home is where negative thoughts, behaviors and reactions tend to play out the most – the more you are able to connect to the obstacles – the more susceptible to change they will be.

You will also be more receptive to change because you will not experience any of the usual blocking emotions such as embarrassment or shame in re-visiting these patterns; and
Once organized, there are no time constraints so sessions are not cut short unexpectedly.

How long does it take?

The program runs to 90 minutes, but you might like to break this down – first by doing the introduction and then practising some of the techniques, and then running the programs. You could do it all in one go but you might find you want to pause/rewind from time to time. If you are doing it all in one go, we would recommend setting aside 2 ½ to 3 hours.

How quickly will I see results?

This varies – for many, results are perceived very subtly. You may notice one day that all of a sudden you don’t feel the same way about something that used to really bother you. For others the results are noticeable very quickly – especially when you have worked around something that comes up in the day to day. Simply put, it varies, but the changes remain – and that’s the point.

What if I feel distressed by something that I start working with?

It is not possible to do any damage by working with your ThinkSpace. You certainly cannot feel “worse” about something than you did previously. However, working with something may bring up feelings of discomfort. This should be a temporary discomfort, and the techniques described will move you past this discomfort into a place of calmness, clarity and strength. If, however you wish to seek the services of one of the trained practitioners at ThinkSpace, email info@thinkspacelife.com for further information.

Why should I go for it?

To get rid of the pain and frustration. To achieve inner peace and calm. Because it’s quick and pain free, it’s harmless, it’s effective and cost-effective. You have no reason not to and every reason to go for it.